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Koordinat: 6°30′N 9°30′W / 6.500°N 9.500°W / 6.500; -9.500

Républik Libéria

Kobér Liberia
Coat of arms
Semboyan"The Love of Liberty Brought Us Here"
Location of Liberia (dark blue) in Africa (light blue)
Location of Liberia (dark blue)

in Africa (light blue)

Ibu kota
6°19′N 10°48′W / 6.317°N 10.800°W / 6.317; -10.800
Basa resmiEnglish
Spoken and national languages[1]
Kelompok etnik
PamréntahanUnitary Présidéntial constitutional republic
George Weah
Jewel Taylor
Bhofal Chambers
Francis Korkpor
LegislatipLegislature of Liberia
House of Representatives
Formation and Independence from United States
• Settlement by the American Colonization Society
January 7, 1822
July 26, 1847
• Annexation of Republic of Maryland
March 18, 1857
• Recognition by the United States
February 5, 1862
November 2, 1945
January 6, 1986
 - Total
111,369 km2 (43,000 sq mi) (102nd)
 - Perairan (%)
 - Perkiraan 2015
5,073,296[2] (126th)
 - Sensus Krama 2008
40.43/km2 (104.7/sq mi) (180th)
PDB (KKB)2019
 - Total
$6.468 billion
PDB (nominal)2019
 - Total
$3.221 billion
Gini (2016)35.3[4]
IPM (2018)Increase 0.465[5]
rendah · 176th
Mata uangLiberian dollar (LRD)
Zona waktuGMT
(UTC )
Lajur kemudiright
Kode télépon+231
Kode ISO 3166[[ISO 3166-2:LR



Libéria (/lˈbɪəriə/ (Tentang suara ini renge)) inggih punika silih tunggil negari ring benoa Afrika. Negari puniki jimbarnyané 111,369 km² miwah akeh kramanyané kirang langkung 3,476,608 diri.

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