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Wakil Présidén Amérika Serikat

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Wakil Présidén Amérika Serikat
Kamala Harris

saking January 20, 2021
KantorNumber One Observatory Circle
KantorWashington, D.C.
Katunjuk olihElectoral College, or, if vacant, President of the United States via congressional confirmation
Masa jabatanFour years, no term limit
Dasar hukumConstitution of the United States
KaadegangMaret 4, 1789
(sampun 235 warsa)
Pejabat kapertamaJohn Adams[4]
Adan ten resmiVPOTUS,[6] VP, Veep[7]
Gaji$284,600 per annum

Wakil Présidén Amérika Serikat (Inggris: Vice President of the United States, kaancengang VPOTUS utawi ten resmi VP) inggih punika pejabat tegeh éksekutif kakalih ring pameréntahan féderal Amérika Serikat[8][9] sesampun Présidén Amérika Serikat. Siosan punika Wakil Présidén Amérika Serikat taler magenah ring bancakan kapertama pinaka wénten kapuyungan wesana présidén.


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    "Both governments could not be understood to exist at the same time. The new government did not commence until the old government expired. It is apparent that the government did not commence on the Constitution's being ratified by the ninth state, for these ratifications were to be reported to Congress, whose continuing existence was recognized by the Convention, and who were requested to continue to exercise their powers for the purpose of bringing the new government into operation. In fact, Congress did continue to act as a government until it dissolved on the first of November by the successive disappearance of its members. It existed potentially until 2 March, the day preceding that on which the members of the new Congress were directed to assemble." Mal:Ussc

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