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Translation request

Hi. I am sorry to bother you with this but I would like to ask you whether you could please translate this to Balinese?

Lingua Franca Nova (“Elefen”) is a language designed to be particularly simple, consistent, and easy to learn for international communications. It has a number of positive qualities:

  • 1. It has a limited number of phonemes. It sounds similar to Italian or Spanish.
  • 2. It is phonetically spelled. No child should have to spend years learning irregularities.
  • 3. It has a completely regular grammar, similar to the world’s creoles.
  • 4. It has a limited and completely regular set of productive affixes for routine word derivation.
  • 5. It has well-defined rules for word order, in keeping with many major languages.
  • 6. Its vocabulary is strongly rooted in modern Romance languages. These languages are themselves widespread and influential, plus they have contributed the major part of English vocabulary
  • 7. It is designed to be naturally accepting of Latin and Greek technical neologisms, the de facto “world standard”.
  • 8. It is designed to seem relatively “natural” to those who are familiar with Romance languages, without being any more difficult for others to learn.
  • We hope you like Elefen!

Thanks for your help. Caro de Segeda (pabligbagan) 1 Juni 2023 14.09 (WITA)[wales]

Need your input on a policy impacting gadgets and UserJS

Dear interface administrator,

This is Samuel from the Security team and I hope my message finds you well.

There is an ongoing discussion on a proposed policy governing the use of external resources in gadgets and UserJS. The proposed Third-party resources policy aims at making the UserJS and Gadgets landscape a bit safer by encouraging best practices around external resources. After an initial non-public conversation with a small number of interface admins and staff, we've launched a much larger, public consultation to get a wider pool of feedback for improving the policy proposal. Based on the ideas received so far, the proposed policy now includes some of the risks related to user scripts and gadgets loading third-party resources, best practices for gadgets and UserJS developers, and exemptions requirements such as code transparency and inspectability.

As an interface administrator, your feedback and suggestions are warmly welcome until July 17, 2023 on the policy talk page.

Have a great day!

Samuel (WMF), on behalf of the Foundation's Security team 8 Juli 2023 07.02 (WITA)[wales]

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Tulung hapus halaman ini. Terimakasih Willnothappen (pabligbagan) 2 Désémber 2023 13.02 (WITA)[wales]

Translation request


Can you create the article id:Danau Laacher, which is the third most powerful volcano in Europe after Campi Flegrei and Santorini, in Bakinese Wikipedia?

Yours sincerely, Multituberculata (pabligbagan) 12 Pébruari 2024 17.47 (WITA)[wales]

Pesan pengingat untuk pemilihan anggota U4C yang pertama

Anda dapat menemukan pesan ini dalam bahasa lain di Meta Wiki. Durus wantu ngalihang basa nuju basa ida

Anggota komunitas Wikimedia yang baik,

Anda menerima pesan ini karena sebelumnya Anda telah ikut serta dalam proses UCoC.

Pesan ini dikirimkan untuk mengingatkan Anda bahwa masa pemilihan Komite Pengarah Kode Etik Universal akan berakhir pada tanggal 9 Mei 2024. Silakan baca informasi pada halaman pemilihan di Meta Wiki untuk mempelajari tentang pemilihan ini serta syarat kelayakan pemilih.

Komite Pengarah Kode Etik Universal (U4C) merupakan sebuah komite global yang berdedikasi untuk memastikan penerapan UCoC yang adil dan konsisten. Para anggota komunitas Wikimedia diundang untuk mengajukan pencalonan dan menjadi bagian dari U4C. Untuk informasi lengkap dan tanggung jawab dari U4C, silakan tinjau Piagam U4C.

Mohon bagikan pesan ini kepada anggota komunitas Anda, sehingga mereka juga dapat ikut serta dalam pemilihan kali ini.

Atas nama tim proyek UCoC,

RamzyM (WMF) 3 Méi 2024 07.16 (WITA)[wales]