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This page should be moved to SpongeBob SquarePants. There is a capital B in Bob and P in Pants in the original title. Also, I don't know what the correct title for Cinderella (1950 film) should be. Just like The Fox and the Hound, I was able to add to that page, but with Malay text that needs translation. The Fox and the Hound is better in English and so is Cinderella. I really like these movies and shows under Kategori:Kartun. I watch many movies and TV shows for kids, not just cartoons though. Most of them Disney movies and Disney Channel shows. My favorite show is Liv and Maddie, a Disney Channel comedy series about identical twin sisters. Can there be a page about that show in this Wikipedia? You can translate from English or Indonésian. 2600:1700:53F0:AD70:248C:3668:2221:8C17 19 Juni 2020 03.15 (WITA)

I reverted the Malay content on The Fox and the Hound. I still want to create more pages, but as I don't know Balinese, I will only write stubs. The Fox and the Hound was based on Cinderella, which was based on Aladdin. Speaking of Aladdin, shouldn't there be a disambiguation in the title to distinguish from other movies based on the same story? However, I wouldn't know how to write "1992 Disney film" in Balinese. I believe Aladdin should be about the original like Cinderella is. Speaking of Cinderella, the original title for the fairy tale was in French, so shouldn't it use the original title? 2600:1700:53F0:AD70:E8E8:99B4:95AC:15A5 19 Juni 2020 10.30 (WITA)
I added more text (albeit in English) to The Fox and the Hound. Hopefully, there can be a user to translate it. Meanwhile, pages like The Rescuers, The Rescuers Down Under, and Aladdin all have links to movie posters that aren't uploaded. Can they be uploaded? Also, more of the templates and such on these pages. That goes for The Fox and the Hound as well. 19 Juni 2020 22.51 (WITA)
I wrote Liv and Maddie based on South Park. 2600:1700:53F0:AD70:84A8:7519:8A2B:AD29 20 Juni 2020 23.08 (WITA)