Negara wagian miwah wawengkon ring Ostrali

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Wawidangan Ostrali kakepah antuk 3 soroh, punika negara wagian, wawengkon jero, wawengkon jaba.

Negara wagian[uah | uah wit]

Negara Wagian Ostrali[lower-alpha 1]
Kobér Negara Wagian Kode Pos ISO[1] Ibukota Populasi
(Sept 2021)[2]
Jimbar (km2)[3] Tegakan ring Parlemén[4] Gubernur Patih agung
New South Wales NSW AU-NSW Sidni 70068186789000000008.186.789 809,952 47 Margaret Beazley Dominic Perrottet
Queensland QLD AU-QLD Brisbane 70065240520000000005.240.520 1,851,736 30 Jeannette Young Annastacia Palaszczuk
Ostrali Kelod SA AU-SA Adelaide 70061772787000000001.772.787 1,044,353 10 Frances Adamson Peter Malinauskas
Tasmania TAS AU-TAS Hobart 7005540839000000000540.839 90,758 5 Barbara Baker Jeremy Rockliff
Victoria VIC AU-VIC Melbourne 70066643062000000006.643.062 237,657 38 Linda Dessau Daniel Andrews
Ostrali Kawan WA AU-WA Perth[lower-alpha 2] 70062685165000000002.685.165 2,642,753 16 Kim Beazley Mark McGowan

Wawengkon jero[uah | uah wit]

Wewidangan jero ring Australia[lower-alpha 3]
Kobér Wewidangan Kode pos ISO[1] Ibu kota
(utawi largest settlement)
(Sept 2021)[2]
Area (km2)[3] Seats in House of Representatives[4] Administrator Chief Minister
Australian Capital Territory ACT AU-ACT Canberra 7005430469000000000430.469 2,358 3 Puyung[lower-alpha 4] Andrew Barr
Jervis Bay Territory JBT AU-JBT Puyung
(Jervis Bay Village)
7002405000000000000405 67 (Part of Division of Fenner) Puyung[lower-alpha 5] Puyung
Northern Territory NT AU-NT Darwin 7005245865000000000245.865 1,419,630 2 Vicki O'Halloran Natasha Fyles

Wawengkon jaba[uah | uah wit]

External territories of Australia[lower-alpha 6]
Flag Wewidangan Kode pos ISO[1] Capital
(or largest settlement)
(Jun 2018)[2]
Area (km2)[3] Seats in House of Representatives Administrator Shire Présidént or Mayor
Ashmore and Cartier Islands Puyung
(offshore anchorage)
50000000000000000000 199 Puyung Puyung
Australian Antarctic Territory TAS AQ[lower-alpha 7] Puyung
(Davis Station)
700160000000000000060[lower-alpha 8] 5,896,500 Puyung Puyung
Christmas Island WA CX Flying Fish Cove 70031938000000000001.938 135 (Part of Division of Lingiari) Natasha Griggs Gordon Thompson
Cocos (Keeling) Islands WA CC West Island 7002547000000000000547 14 (Part of Division of Lingiari) Aindil Minkom[5]
Coral Sea Islands Puyung
(Willis Island)
4[lower-alpha 9] 780,000[lower-alpha 10] Puyung Puyung
Heard Island and McDonald Islands TAS HM Puyung
(Atlas Cove)
50000000000000000000 372 Puyung Puyung
Norfolk Island NSW NF Kingston 70031758000000000001.758 35 (Part of Division of Bean) Eric Hutchinson Robin Adams (mayor)[7]

Catetan[uah | uah wit]

  1. Tiosan kasediayang, pustaka miwah rerincian indik data sané kaicain ring tabel prasida kacunduk ring suratan soang-soang negara wagian miwah wawengkon.
  2. Perth kanikayang manados ibu kota olih UU 2016: City of Perth Act 2016 (WA) in AustLII.
  3. Unless provided, references and details on data provided in the table can be found within the individual state and territory articles.
  4. Crown represented by the Governor-General of Australia.
  5. Administered by the Commonwealth.
  6. Unless provided, references and details on data provided in the table can be found within the individual state and territory articles.
  7. Under the definitions in ISO 3166-1, the AAT is covered by the Antarctican ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code "AQ".
  8. No permanent population, research station with fluctuating staff numbers.
  9. No permanent population, weather monitoring station generally with four staff.[6]
  10. Most of which is ocean.

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