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Koordinat: 55°N 97°W / 55°N 97°W / 55; -97[1]
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A red flag with a large Union Jack in the upper left corner and a shield, consisting of St. George's Cross over a left-facing bison standing on a rock, on the right side
A central shield showing a bison standing on a rock, under a St George's Cross. On top of the shield sits a helmet decorated with a red and white billowing veil. On top of the helmet sits a beaver with a crown on its back, holding a prairie crocus. To the right of the shield is a rearing white unicorn wearing a collar of white and green maple leaves, from which hangs a green cart-wheel pendant. To the left of the shield is a rearing white horse wearing a collar of Indian beadwork, from which hangs a green cycle of life medallion. The animals and shield stand on a mound, with a wheat field beneath the unicorn, prairie crocuses beneath the shield, and spruces beneath the horse. Beneath the mound are white and blue waves, under which is an orange scroll bearing the words "GLORIOSUS ET LIBER"
Latin: Gloriosus et Liber
"Glorious and free"
"Glorieux et libre"  (Prancis)
Koordinat: 55°N 97°W / 55°N 97°W / 55; -97[1]
Confederation15 July 1870 (5th, with Northwest Territories)
(and largest city)
Largest metroWinnipeg Region
 • JenisParliamentary constitutional monarchy
 • Lieutenant GovernorAnita Neville
 • PremierHeather Stefanson
LegislatureLegislative Assembly of Manitoba
Federal representationParlemen Kanada
House seats14 of 338 (4.1%)
Senat Kanada6 of 105 (5.7%)
 • Total649.950 km2 (250,950 sq mi)
 • Darat548.360 km2 (211,720 sq mi)
 • Air101.593 km2 (39,225 sq mi)  15.6%
Peringkat jimbar wawidangan8th
 6.5% of Kanada
 • Total1.342.153[2]
 • Perkiraan 
(Q1 2023)
 • Peringkat5th
Official languagesEnglish[4]
 • Rank6th
 • Total (2015)C$65.862 billion[5]
 • Per capitaC$50,820 (9th)
Wewidangan galahUTC−06:00 (Central)
 • Musim panas (DST)UTC−05:00 (Central DST)
Ranking include all provinces and territories

Manitoba (/ˌmænɪˈtbə/ (Tentang suara ini renge) MAN-ih-TOH-bə) inggih punika silih tunggil propinsi Kanada. Genah nyané ngapentang ring tengah-tengah Kanada. Manitoba inggih punika propinsi pinih ageng kaping nem antuk jimbar waengkon 647.797 km². Manitoba madué akéh panjak pinih akéh kaping lima, akéh panjak ipun ring 2016 wénten 1.278.365 diri. Ibu kota Manitoba magenah ring Winnipeg.


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