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This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; lihat laporan error bulanan untuk template ini.

TemplateData for Sfn

This template creates a short author–date citation in a footnote. It allows you to link inline citation using Harvard citations (a form of short citations using parenthetical references) to their corresponding full bibliographic citations.

Parameter templat

Nama belakang penulis1

Nama belakang penulis

Tak dikenalwajib diisi

Year for citations with one author, or last name of second author for citations with two or more authors

Tak dikenalwajib diisi

Year for citations with two authors, or last name of third author for citations with three or more authors

Tak dikenalopsional

Year for citations with three authors, or last name of fourth author for citations with four authors

Tak dikenalopsional

Year for citations with four authors

Tak dikenalopsional
Halamanp page

Nomor halaman.

Tak dikenaldisarankan
pppp pages

Page numbers in source.

Tak dikenalopsional

Location in source

Tak dikenalopsional