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Jack Hannah

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John Frederick Hannah (January 5, 1913 – June 11, 1994) inggih punika silih tunggil aktor miwah produser pilem sané mawit saking Amérika Serikat.

Filmography[uah | uah wit]

Films[uah | uah wit]

Warsa Murda Kredit Cutetan
1934 Servants' Entrance animator
Gulliver Mickey animator
1936 Toby Tortoise Returns animator
Donald and Pluto animator
The Country Cousin animator
1937 Don Donald animator
Woodland Café animator
Modern Inventions animator
The Old Mill animator
Donald's Ostrich animator
1938 Self Control animator
Donald's Better Self pangawi and animation
Donald's Nephews pangawi and animation
Donald's Golf Game animator
Good Scouts animator
1939 Sea Scouts animator
Donald's Penguin animator
Donald's Lucky Day pangawi and animation
The Hockey Champ pangawi and animation
Donald's Cousin Gus pangawi
Beach Picnic pangawi
1940 Mr. Duck Steps Out pangawi
Donald's Vacation pangawi and animation
Window Cleaners pangawi
Fire Chief pangawi
1941 Timber pangawi
Golden Eggs pangawi
Early to Bed pangawi
Truant Officer Donald pangawi
Old MacDonald Duck pangawi
Chef Donald pangawi
1942 Sky Trooper pangawi
The Army Mascot pangawi
Donald Gets Drafted pangawi
Donald's Snow Fight animator
Bellboy Donald pangawi
Donald's Garden animator
Out of the Frying Pan Into the Firing Line animator
1943 Home Defense pangawi
The Old Army Game pangawi
1944 Trombone Trouble pangawi
The Plastics Inventor pangawi
Commando Duck pangawi
Donald Duck and the Gorilla pangawi
Donald's Off Day sutradara
1945 The Eyes Have It sutradara
No Sail sutradara
1946 Double Dribble sutradara
Squatter's Rights sutradara
A Knight for a Day sutradara
Lighthouse Keeping sutradara
Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive sutradara
1947 Clown of the Jungle sutradara
Bootle Beetle sutradara
Straight Shooters sutradara
Chip an' Dale sutradara
Foul Hunting sutradara
1948 They're Off sutradara
Daddy Duck sutradara
Inferior Decorator sutradara
Soup's On sutradara
Three for Breakfast sutradara
Tea for Two Hundred sutradara
1949 All in a Nutshell sutradara
Slide, Donald, Slide sutradara
Honey Harvester sutradara
Donald's Happy Birthday sutradara
Winter Storage sutradara
The Greener Yard sutradara
Sea Salts sutradara
Toy Tinkers sutradara
1950 Trailer Horn sutradara
Hook, Lion and Sinker sutradara
Lion Around sutradara
Bee at the Beach sutradara
Out on a Limb sutradara
Crazy Over Daisy sutradara
1951 Chicken in the Rough sutradara
Dude Duck sutradara
Test Pilot Donald sutradara
Corn Chips sutradara
Lucky Number sutradara
Out of Scale sutradara
Bee on Guard sutradara
1952 Two Chips and a Miss sutradara
Lambert the Sheepish Lion sutradara
Donald Applecore sutradara
Let's Stick Together sutradara
Uncle Donald's Ants sutradara
Trick or Treat sutradara
Pluto's Christmas Tree sutradara
1953 Don's Fountain of Youth sutradara
The New Neighbor sutradara
Canvas Back Duck sutradara
Rugged Bear sutradara
Working for Peanuts sutradara
1954 The Flying Squirrel sutradara
Social Lion sutradara
Grin and Bear It sutradara
Dragon Around sutradara
Spare the Rod sutradara
1955 No Hunting sutradara and voice (of Moose)
Bearly Asleep sutradara
Beezy Bear sutradara
Up a Tree sutradara
1956 In the Bag sutradara
3D Jamboree sutradara the "Working for Peanuts" short
Hooked Bear sutradara
1959 Bric's Stew pangawi
1960 Donald Duck and his Companions pangawi and animation
Southern Fried Hospitality sutradara
Hunger Strife sutradara
Freeloading Feline sutradara and pangawi
1961 Doc's Last Stand sutradara
Woody's Kook-Out sutradara
Gabby's Diner sutradara
Tin Can Concert sutradara and pangawi
Tricky Trout sutradara
Voo-Doo Boo-Boo sutradara
Franken-Stymied sutradara
Bear and the Bees sutradara
Clash and Carry sutradara
Mackerel Moocher sutradara
Eggnapper sutradara
Poop Deck Pirate sutradara
1962 Greedy Gabby Gator sutradara
Corny Concerto sutradara
Punchy Pooch sutradara
Mother's Little Helper sutradara
Rocket Racket sutradara
Fowled-Up Birthday sutradara
Pest of Show sutradara
Rock-a-Bye Gator sutradara
Fish and Chips sutradara
1964 Jungle Medics sutradara and pangawi

TV series[uah | uah wit]

  • Disneyland (1954–79)
    • The Donald Duck pangawi (sutradara and pangawi; 1954)
    • Adventures of Mickey Mouse (sutradara; 1955)
    • At Home with Donald Duck (sutradara; 1956)
    • The Great Cat Family (segment sutradara; 1956)
    • Where Do the Stories Come From? (sutradara; 1956)
    • On Vacation (sutradara; 1956)
    • A Day in the Life of Donald Duck (sutradara;1956)
    • Duck for Hire (sutradara; 1957)
    • Donald's Award (sutradara; 1957)
    • All About Magic (sequence sutradara; 1957)
    • Your Host, Donald Duck (sutradara;1957)
    • From All of Us to All of You (sutradara; 1958)
    • Four Tales on a Mouse (sutradara: Christmas sequence; 1958)
    • Donald's Weekend (sutradara; 1958)
    • Highway to Trouble (sutradara;1959)
    • Duck Flies Coop (sutradara; 1959)
    • Two Happy Amigos (sutradara;1960)
    • This Is Your Life Donald Duck (sutradara;1960)
    • Kids Is Kids (segment sutradara; 1961)
    • A Square Peg in a Round Hole (segment sutradara; 1963)
    • The Ranger of Brownstone (sequence sutradara; 1968)
    • Baseball Fever (sutradara; 1979)
  • The Woody Woodpecker Show (1957–58)
  • Matty's Funday Funnies (TV Series) (1962; pangawi)

Pustaka[uah | uah wit]