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Hoobastank di MTV Asia Awards 2006, saking kiwa ka tengen: Dan Estrin, Doug Robb, Chris Hesse, miwah Josh Moreau.
Latar belakang
SakingAgoura Hills, California, Amérika Serikat
Warsa aktip1994–
  • Island (2001–2012)
  • Open E Entertainment (EMI)
Artis terkaitVanessa Amorosi
Situs webwww.hoobastank.com
Mantan personil

Hoobastank inggih punika grup musik saking Amérika Serikat sané madué aliran rock modern. Kruna Hoobastank kapilih saking kruna "Hooba" miwah "Slank". Kadadua kruna nika kapilih saking basa gaul ring galah tasih ring bangku sekolah. Grup musik niki madué semeton; Douglas Robb (vokal), Dan Estrin (gitar), Markku Lappalainen (bass) miwah Chris Hesse (drum). Hoobastank ngrilis gending single perdananyané sané mamurda "Crawling in The Dark" warsa 2002. Gending punika nglejit nganti ngranjing ring posisi 68 tangga Billboard Hot 100 miwah ring posisi 3 ring tangga modern rock. Lantur, single kadaduane sané kaluncurang mamurda "Running Away" tasih nembus posisi ka-44 ring Billboard 100 miwah posisi ka-2 ring genre rock modern.

Lis Album/Gending[uah | uah wit]

Fight Or Flight (2012)[uah | uah wit]

  • This Is Gonna Hurt
  • Can You Save Me?
  • Incomplete
  • Magnolia
  • No Win Situation
  • The Fallen
  • No Destination
  • Slow Down
  • Sing What You Can't Say
  • A Thousand Words
  • You Before Me
  • The Pressure
  • same direcion (acstic)
  • if i were you (acutic)

Album Every Man For Himself (2006)[uah | uah wit]

  • The Rules
  • Born To Lead
  • Moving Forward
  • Inside Of You
  • The First Of Me
  • Good Enough
  • If I Were You
  • Without A Fight
  • Don't Tell Me
  • Look Where We Are
  • Say The Same
  • If Only
  • More Than A Memory

Album The Reason (2003)[uah | uah wit]

  • Same Direction
  • Out Of Control
  • What Happened To Us?
  • Escape
  • Just One
  • Lucky
  • From The Heart
  • The Reason
  • Let It Out
  • Unaffected
  • Never There
  • Disappear

Album Hoobastank (2001)[uah | uah wit]

  • Crawling In The Dark
  • Remember Me
  • Running Away
  • Pieces
  • Let You Know
  • Better
  • Ready For You
  • Up And Gone
  • Too Little Too Late
  • Hello Again
  • To Be With You
  • Give It Back

Album Basketball Shorts[uah | uah wit]

  • Can I Buy You A Drink?
  • Earthsick
  • Educated Fool
  • Foot In Your Mouth
  • Karma Patrol Lyrics
  • Naked Jock Man
  • Our Song
  • Stuck Without A Voice
  • The Dance That Broke My Jaw
  • The Mirror

Lagu single lainnya[uah | uah wit]

  • Connected
  • Did You
  • Losing My Grip
  • Right Before Your Eyes
  • Divine
  • End Of Our Rope
  • My Grip
  • Never Saw It Coming
  • Now Or Never
  • Open Your Eyes
  • Paper Promises
  • The Critic
  • Tin Walls
  • Up And Gone (Acoustic)
  • Seize The Day

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