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Glen Keane

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Glen Keane (born April 13, 1954) inggih punika silih tunggil aktor miwah produser film sané mawit saking Amérika Serikat.

Pilmograpi[uah | uah wit]

Warsa Murda Kredit Karakter Cutetan
1973 My Favorite Martians Layout Artist TV series by Filmation
Star Trek: The Animated Series Layout Artist TV series by Filmation
Lassie's Rescue Rangers Layout Artist TV series by Filmation
Mission: Magic! Layout Artist TV series by Filmation
1977 The Rescuers Animator Bernard and Penny
Pete's Dragon Character Animator Elliott the Dragon
1979 A Family Circus Christmas (TV Movie short) Animator / Models
1981 The Fox and the Hound Supervising Animator The Bear, Vixey, Tod, Copper, Badger, Porcupine, and Tod's Mother
1983 Mickey's Christmas Carol (Short) Animator
1985 The Black Cauldron Character Animator Gurgi and Princess Eilonwy
1986 The Great Mouse Detective Supervising Animator Professor Ratigan
1987 The Chipmunk Adventure Animator / Storyboard Artist
1988 Oliver & Company Character Designer / Supervising Animator Sykes, Georgette, Fagin, and Jenny Foxworth
1989 The Little Mermaid Character Designer / Supervising Animator Ariel
1990 The Rescuers Down Under Storyboard Artist / Supervising Animator / Character Designer / Visual Development Artist Marahute
1991 Beauty and the Beast Supervising Animator Beast
1992 Aladdin Supervising Animator Aladdin
1995 Pocahontas Story / Supervising Animator / Visual Development Artist / Character Designer Pocahontas
1999 Tarzan Story / Supervising Animator Tarzan
2002 Treasure Planet Supervising Animator Captain Long John Silver
2003 Mickey's PhilharMagic (Short) Animator Ariel
2008 Bolt Special Thanks
2010 Tangled Executive Producer / Animation Supervisor / Character Designer Rapunzel
2011 Adam and Dog (Short) Film Consultant
2012 Paperman (Short) Character Designer Meg
Wreck-It Ralph Additional Visual Development Artist
2014 Duet (Short) Director / Animator
2016 Invasion! (Short) Special Thanks
2017 Dear Basketball (Short) Director / Animator Academy Award for best Short Animation
2020 Over the Moon Director / Executive Producer / Character Designer / Story Artist / Voice Actor (Space Dog and Rail Worker #3) Feature directorial debut

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